Training Workshop: The Community WRF-Hydro Modeling System

October 17 - 19, 2017

Lead Instructor: Dave Gochis, NCAR

Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 15

Early Bird Registration Fees: $250 for Students | $350 for Professionals

Regular Registration Deadline: August 31

Regular Registration Fees: $300 for Students | $400 for Professionals

For more information and to register, visit the event website.

This training workshop will provide graduate students and early career scientists with formal instruction on the structure and application of the WRF-Hydro system and will offer hands-on experience in setting up and running the system for several different research and prediction applications.

Specific topics to be covered during the workshop include:

  • Conceptualization and structure of the WRF-Hydro system
  • Description of physics components options within WRF-Hydro v5.0
  • Model porting and compilation and overview of parallel computing with WRF-Hydro
  • Model input data preparation
  • Model configuration and execution
  • Visualization and post-processing of model output
  • Case studies (participants learn how to use the system in both one-way uncoupled and two-way coupled modes with the community WRF atmospheric model)
  • Setup and use of the open source Rwrfhydro hydrologic model evaluation package
  • Open discussion on class participant interests and applications

Class participants will receive in-depth training via lectures and hands-on activities on the implementation and use of the WRF-Hydro system where all hands-on tutorial activities will be conducted in a formal computer laboratory located at NCAR.

Graduate students, post-docs, and professionals working in hydrology and/or the atmospheric sciences are invited to participate.

Prior hydrologic and/or atmospheric modeling experience is advised.

Unix/Linux command line operation required.