Submit Your AGU Abstracts by August 4, 2021

The CUAHSI researchers, staff and hydrology community are excited to be gathering once again for the annual AGU Fall Conference to be held, both in-person and virtually, in New Orleans, LA from December 13-17, 2021! Please feel free to share this exciting news through your news and social media channels #AGU21 #CUAHSI #hydrology

The deadline to submit your abstracts is August 4, no later than 11:59pm EDT. 

Below are the sessions that CUAHSI researchers and affiliates will be convening and co-convening. Please go here for further session detail:

Session Title: H006. Advances in Hydroinformatics: Building Accessible Knowledgebase and Resilience  

Session ID: 122933   
Section: Hydrology  

Primary Convener: Sudarshana Mukhopadhyay, Cornell University

Co-Convener: Jerad Bales, CUAHSI

Session Title: H074. Next generation water resources modeling: innovation at the intersection of domain, computer, and data sciences  
Session ID: 118673   
Section: Hydrology   

Primary Convener: Trey Flowers, National Water Center

Co-Convener: Jerad Bales, CUAHSI

Session Title: IN011. Applications of hydroinformatics approaches and techniques to water resources management in agriculture  

Session ID: 117803   
Section: Earth and Space Science Informatics  

Primary Convener: Paul Celicourt, Laval University

Co-Convener: Jerad Bales, CUAHSI

Session Title: EP032. Responding to the present and preparing for the future: transformative approaches in Critical Zone science  

Session ID: 120609   
Section: Earth and Planetary Surface Processes   

Primary Convener: Julia Perdrial, University of Vermont

Co-Convener: Jerad Bales, CUAHSI

Session Title: B035. Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry of Dust 

Session ID: 124353  
Section: Biogeosciences