Request for Proposals - Utility Service Boundary Creation Tool

CUAHSI provides services and infrastructure to support the water-resources research and management community. Utilities are a key part of the nation’s overall water infrastructure, and utility information can be difficult to discover. 

Utility service area boundaries are essential for modern utility operations and for regional and state-wide planning and regulation of utilities. Currently, fewer than 10 state governments have a state-wide program to collect, manage, update, and publish digital versions of utility service area boundaries in the water and wastewater sectors suitable for analysis, planning and regulation. Currently, in the states without such programs, only relatively large utilities with sophisticated geospatial expertise even create digital service area boundaries for internal use, and the accessibility and interoperability of these boundary data are limited. One of the limiting factors to creating and using digital service area boundaries is that many utilities do not have access to, and/or expertise with, the necessary software or hardware to create and use digital service area boundaries. We wish to create a web application to reduce this barrier.

Full RFP here

Proposals are due on January 28, 2022, 5:00 pm ET