November 2: Let’s Talk About Water Challenge Grant Application Deadline

CUAHSI Challenge Grant Applications provide funds to host a Let's Talk About Water (LTAW) event, which use film to engage audiences, generate discussion, and promote water science education. Apply by November 2nd! 

Let’s Talk About Water brings attention to water and environmental issues by using film as a catalyst for discussion between science experts and the public.  Films can be powerful education tools for the sciences because they use storytelling to engage audiences emotionally, which:

  • heightens audience interest
  • helps the audience make meaningful connections with the subject matter
  • and catalyzes a discussion

Documentary films are especially good at creating teachable moments and providing opportunities to apply critical thinking skills by testing the validity of the film’s message. 

The LTAW formula is simple: A panel of experts and the audience view a water documentary together followed by discussion between the panel and the audience. Moderators actively manage the discussion by challenging the panelists with follow up questions, asking questions to simplify language, and passing a question among panelists to bring out different points of view.

Learn more about the LTAW program and CUAHSI's resources for hosting LTAW events!

The Challenge Grant application is completed online through Proposal Space. You must create an account with Proposal Space to submit your application. There is no fee for submitting. You can save your application in progress and return to it later, but all required documents must be entered before submitting. All required information must be submitted by the application deadline.

Begin the Challenge Grant Application here!