Improving Professional Relationships for a Better, Healthier Academic Experience

As students or early career professionals, sometimes it feels like the only constant in our lives is that our environments are always changing. Between joining a lab for grad school, getting to know advisors and lab mates, developing new collaborations, or moving to a new city to start the perfect job, we are always meeting new people and building professional relationships. While we hope that all these relationships will be collegial and positive, that isn’t always the case. Tension or anxiety can arise from conversations about work hours, authorship, job expectations, or career goals. Then there are the necessary yet sensitive topics like mental health, finances, and personal relationships. In this webinar, our panel will discuss how to have these difficult yet important conversations, develop professional relationships in academia, and handle potentially challenging relationships with advisors or colleagues. Panelists spanning a range of career stages will share their experiences, from students who are actively navigating academic relationships to professionals who are well-practiced in interpersonal communication.

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