CUAHSI’s Data Down-low: Hydro-sedimentological data Isábena, NE Spain

Using CUAHSI's data services, the University of Potsdam (Germany) published a comprehensive hydro-sedimentological dataset for the Isábena catchment, NE Spain, for the period 2010-2016 to analyze water and sediment fluxes in a Mediterranean meso-scale catchment. The dataset includes rainfall data from twelve rain gauges distributed within the study area complemented by meteorological data of twelve official meteo-stations. It comprises discharge data derived from water stage measurements as well as suspended sediment concentrations (SSC) at six gauging stations of the Isábena river and its sub-catchments. Soil spectroscopic data from 351 suspended sediment samples and 152 soil samples were collected to characterize sediment source regions and sediment properties via fingerprinting analyses. Read more here.

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