Check out the latest HydroClient and HydroShare updates!

New HydroClient Release

Check out the improvements to the new HydroClient release. The release is scheduled for next week!

  • Reset button now clears all filtered facets and search results on the current map view
  • Filtering functionality now persists correctly
  • Spatial extent can be changed after a search without erasing the current results on the map
  • "Time Series Found" functionality works consistently to provide the number of current search results

Unfamiliar with HydroClient? Use HydroClient on to search for, preview, and download time series data like stream gauge measurements, meteorological station measurements, repeated “grab” samples, and soil moisture measurements from federal agencies, university researchers, and watershed organizations. To learn more about HydroClient, check out the HydroClient User Guide.

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Check out what's new with HydroShare!

The HydroShare 1.15 release went out this past month and contained the following improvements:

  • Quota system implemented to track your data storage
  • Capability to gain creditability as a HydroShare user by linking to your Google Scholar and ORCID
  • Improved search capabilities on the Discovery page
  • Overall performance and durability improvements

Look for the upcoming HydroShare 1.16 release that will improve the workflow for obtaining a Digitial Object Identifier (DOI), will enable downloads of files larger than 1GB, and will provide bug fixes and overall usability improvements.
Unfamiliar with HydroShare? HydroShare, a CUAHSI Water Data Service, is a collaborative environment for sharing data, models, and code. For feedback or questions on HydroShare, contact