CUAHSI’s Data Down-low

We are configuring HydroShare to host backup data in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

To facilitate this configuration, HydroShare will experience intermittent downtime from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. ET on January 15th and January 22nd. Please note during downtime, users will not be able to; (1) access, (2) interact with applications that require log in to HydroShare, (3) use HydroShare API or iRODS to access data. 

Contact if you have any questions.

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Check out the upcoming HydroShare 1.19 release! 

The HydroShare Team has been working hard to address your needs. With the previous 1.18 HydroShare release late last year, we provided the ability to add metadata to folders improving flexibility in the organization and presentation of content in HydroShare. To try this feature out, right click on a folder in a HydroShare resource and select add metadata to folder

The 1.19 release planned for early February includes a revamp of the resource landing page that reorganizes and clarifies the presentation of metadata (the information that describes your data or models). 

The resource landing page redesign includes:

  1. Rendering of the contents of a plain text (readme.txt) or markdown formatted ( file to enrich the presentation of content.
  2. Statistics on the number of downloads and views that let users see the use and impact of shared work as well as serve reporting needs.

 Contact if you have any questions.