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A Note from Liza Brazil, CUAHSI's former Community Support Specialist

I remember meeting Jon Pollak, CUAHSI's current Program Manager and previous Community Support Specialist, at the 2015 Shale Network Conference at Penn State University. At the time, I was working with Susan Brantley on a short-term contract and was eager to find a full-time gig. I think I actually asked almost everyone at the conference what they did for their profession and how they managed to get there. I was hoping someone would provide some wisdom to push me forward and maybe offer me a job! A few weeks later, I was told Jon was looking to hire someone at CUAHSI for an entry-level position and had asked about me! I was thrilled! I had an idea of what CUAHSI did, but I wasn't really sure where I would fit in.

I started at CUAHSI a few months later in August 2015 as the Community Support Specialist. We had eight employees and had just launched HydroClient, the new and improved online HydroDesktop! About a year into the job, I learned about HydroShare and that we were planning to work with a team of researchers on a new and exciting water data management platform. David Tarboton called me up and walked me through HydroShare in detail and shortly after I was writing user documentation and helping to answer questions from early adopter HydroShare users. Our team was growing, we had hired Liz Tran and then Tony Castronova a few months later. Little did I know Liz and Tony would become my close friends and amazing additions to the team.

In 2017, we looked for a new Executive Director, as Rick Hooper was getting ready to retire from CUAHSI. I remember meeting Jerad Bales in his interview and being excited with the potential to work with him...although I had to say I was a little intimidated! Jerad has pushed CUAHSI forward in so many ways that I almost didn't accept this next position as I wanted to stay with CUAHSI just to be a part of all the excitement.

Two years in, we had continued expanding our team and making great strides with HydroShare and HIS. We began working with a group of students from the Olin College of Engineering who introduced us all to User Experience Design and motivated me to get my UX Design Certificate. This was the turning point in my career where I felt a passion not only for supporting science but also for product management and UX Design. My manager, Martin Seul, and our Executive Director, Jerad Bales, supported me and let me explore my newfound passions. I got to be involved in so many interesting and impactful projects at CUAHSI, from supporting a data management project in Chile with IBM, to helping manage a group of undergraduate students during a year-long capstone project. I will miss this community and miss being a part of such an impactful mission, but I am excited to strengthen my product management skills and hopefully come back to science in the future. I want to give a shout out to my CUAHSI family but also to the many collaborators who have pushed me to work hard and supported me along the way. 

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Featuring the new "Getting Started" page on HydroShare

Check out the new page on HydroShare, featuring a "Getting Started" section that allows you to quickly learn about HydroShare, including a list of the 5 recently visited resources to allow you to pick up right where you left off last time you visited HydroShare, and a section with additional tools to allow for quick navigation. See an example of what you will see on the new homepage below. 

In addition to the new homepage, we have streamlined the process for creating new resources. Follow the steps below to create a new resource:

  1. Sign into your account, and click on the "Create" button in the top navigation menu. 
  2. Enter a title for the resource you are creating 

After the second step, you are immediately taken to the resource landing page where you can add files and edit metadata!

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CUAHSI Water Data Services Workshop |  2019 UCOWR/NIWR Conference 

The CUAHSI Water Data Services workshop at the 2019 UCOWR/NIWR Conference was a great success!

The workshop was a featured event at the 2019 UCOWR Annual Water Resources Conference on June 11, 2019 and led by Christina Bandaragoda. Check out the workshop resource on HydroShare here, including a presentation on "Tools and Cyberinfrastructure for Water Data Publication, Discovery, Research, and Collaboration."