CUAHSI is excited to announce a new version of HydroClient!

CUAHSI is excited to announce a new version of HydroClient! The new release, version 1.4, features advanced search functionality.

Screenshot above displays all search results for precipitation measured in the field.

CUAHSI’s free web-based application, HydroClient, allows you to search for, download, and visualize physical, chemical, and biological data from U.S. federal agencies, university researcher projects, and citizen science monitoring all in the same format. The newest HydroClient release enables more advanced searches on a global scale.

New Features include:

  • Additional search parameters:
    • Data Type: Describes the frequency of observations or post-processing of the data such as average, cumulative, minimum over a time period.
    • General Category: A broad descriptor of the data such as “Water Quality” or “Hydrology.”
    • Sample Medium: Identifies the medium which is being sampled for laboratory analysis or the medium in which a sensor is placed.
    • Value Type: Conveys the type of observation that is being made. For example, was a measurement made in the field or an observation made in a laboratory analysis?

What can I do with these new search parameters?

The new search features are designed to help you to ask more precise questions to find new data, more efficiently. Now, you can easily ask:

  • Where in the world is methane measured in surface water?
  • Does the CUAHSI Catalog have fecal coliform data measured continuously in surface water?
  • What kind of water quality data is there in the CUAHSI Catalog?
  • What data services in the CUAHSI Catalog are measuring indicator organisms?
  • What kind of data does the CUAHSI Catalog include?

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