April 19: Deadline for 2019 Instrumentation Discovery Travel Grant

The program enables scientists to learn the details of hydrologic instrument installation, operation, maintenance, and data processing by visiting experts or scheduling reverse site visit.

CUAHSI offers Instrumentation Discovery Travel Grants (IDTG) of up to $1,000 to help cover travel expenses for scientists at U.S. universities and colleges to visit colleagues with specific instrumentation expertise. The objective of the travel should be to efficiently and economically learn how to install, operate, maintain, and process data from one or more  hydrologic instruments. IDTG’s can: (1) enable university scientists to visit other institutions or research sites, or (2) enable a reverse site visit to bring an expert to their own institution.

These grants are intended to minimize the financial risk for awardees while enabling them to learn about advanced water-related instrumentation from an expert. Grantees are expected to take a holistic approach. As needed, they should learn about field deployment, instrument networking, data collection methods, data interpretation approaches, and learn about operating the instrumentation under different environmental conditions from anecdotal experiences of the host. We ask that awardees use CUAHSI's Water Data Services to publish any datasets that result from an IDTG.

Eligibility: Graduate students, post docs, and faculty members enrolled in or currently employed by a U.S. university are eligible to receive an Instrumentation Travel Discovery Grant. Preference will be given to graduate students and early career faculty. The maximum amount of the grant is $1,000. Travel may be to any location, foreign or domestic, but the overall cap still applies. 

Applications must be submitted by April 19th

Note: CUAHSI will offer only one proposal deadline for the IDTG program, April 19, which is a change from previous years when there was both a Spring and Fall deadline.

For complete application instructions, click here.
Questions should be submitted to Jon Pollak at jpollak@cuahsi.org.