A New Perspective on Informatics by Water Scientists

Christina (Naomi) Tague, Past Chair of CUAHSI Informatics Committee, Professor, University of California (Santa Barbara)

With rapidly evolving data-science, it is often challenging for hydrologists and other water scientists to find or even be aware of new tools or how to choose the best tool for the job. Moreover, hydrologists often spend time creating workflows for which tools already exist. The CUAHSI Standing Committee on Informatics has decided to launch a blog as a community resource to help disseminate information about available tools, techniques and other data-science resources used in hydrology and related disciplines. Our posts will make CUAHSI's website a "place to go" for an informatics perspective offered by fellow water scientists. We welcome posts about new and existing tools, particularly tools that others have found to be helpful, as well as reviews of resources or links to repositories of tools. Tools can include software, models, datasets as well as updates to existing tools. To inquire about contributing, contact Jon Pollak (jpollak@cuahsi.org).


Vidya Samadi, Chair of CUAHSI Informatics Committee, Assistant Professor, Clemson University

When an aspect of information sharing is not translating well into the research communities, a great informatics platform can provide information and resources that best address emerging and pressing needs. The tools that will be described in the CUAHSI Informatics blog are contributing a set of workable, extendable, and flexible informatics strategies, many of which can be adopted, adapted, and ideally, scaled for use in hydrologic research and education activities. While these tools and approaches hold great promise to improve the transparency of research and accelerate diffusion of innovation in hydrologic simulation, doing so will require continued support to achieve a culture shift towards collaborative science and engineering. We are excited to learn more about your tools and datasets and have your thoughts and insights on the repositories of other tools. Let's explore the capabilities of informatics and analytics tools in hydrology!