2021 CUAHSI Biennial: Converging Ideas and Expanding Approaches in the Hydrologic Sciences

Every two years, CUAHSI hosts a symposium to bring together the diverse fields of water science to discuss developments in the hydrology sector of the Earth Sciences. This year, the biennial will be virtually held July 19-21. Under leadership from the CUAHSI Board of Directors, researchers will present their latest findings and developments, propose community workshops, and interact with colleagues from different disciplinary fields from all over the country.

CUAHSI’s Biennial Colloquium offers a unique opportunity and a casual environment for participants to discuss ideas and network with colleagues, as well as build new relationships. Students are especially encouraged to attend, and will have the option to meet one-on-one with a mentor in their desired field of study.

This year, the topic is Converging Ideas and Expanding Approaches in the Hydrologic Sciences. The compelling problems in Hydrologic Science now require deep integration of research across a wide range of disciplines. Drawing from knowledge, theories, and approaches across the social, biological, and physical sciences leads to richer perspectives and new insights. Only by including a diversity of views, both cultural and scientific, can we holistically address the grand challenges posed by a rapidly developing world and changing hydroclimate.

Register for the biennial here, and stay tuned for the latest updates on our webpage.