2019 H3S Spring Cyberseminar Series: Water Pollution and Quality

Talk Descriptions

Searching for freshwater in coastal Bangladesh (Peters)

Drinking water is hard to find in coastal Bangladesh. My research explores the (1) identification of potable groundwater, (2) factors influencing drinking water use, and (3) delivery of our findings to the local community.

Microplastics and poop, making number two, number one! (Rolsky)

Charlie Rolsky is a PhD candidate at Arizona State University investigating the effects of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems around the globe. He has developed new methods to better understand the transport, fate, and ultimate impact of microplastics on wild species, including whales.

Back to the Future: How Past Land Use Impacts Tomorrow’s Water Quality. (Van Meter)

In my work, I expand upon the idea of the river as spatial integrator and suggest that watersheds must also be seen as temporal integrators. Watersheds are not just the sums of their parts—they are the sums of their pasts and their presents. Accordingly, as changes in climate and land use lead us to a “new normal,” where past assumptions may no longer hold, we also remain strongly bound by the past.

Fundamental Water Issues associated with Algae biofuels (Tavakoli)

The goal of this chapter is to determine how an algal biofuel production facility would affect the water resources in a water-stressed region. This case study focuses on the Middle Rio Grande basin, which includes parts of Texas and New Mexico in the US and the State of Chihuahua in Mexico. Tasks to be done for this purpose start with land selection, developing an algae growth model, creating a water and salinity balance, define choices of water supply sources and allocations on water availability in the context of a changing climate and water use patterns, and managing datasets.

CUAHSI-H3S 2019 Spring Cyberseminar Series: Early career scientists conquer new frontiers: an H3S conversation

Hosted by CUAHSI and AGU's H3S

For the month of April, H3S, AGU's Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee, will be taking over CUAHSI's Cyberseminar series. Each of the four seminars will showcase talks by four early career scientists studying some of the most pressing issues around hydrology and beyond, including 1) Coastal Dynamics in a Changing World, 2) Rivers and Lakes Under a Changing Climate, 3) Water Resources and Management, and 4) Water Pollution and Quality. Scientists will give short presentations on the week's theme followed by a brief Q&A.

All talks take place on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Dates, Speakers, and Topics:

  • April 4, 2019: Coastal Dynamics in a Changing World | Kyra Kim, University of Delaware; Deon Knights, Ohio State University; Jaiqi Liu, University of Tokyo; Julia Guimond, University of Delaware
  • April 11, 2019: Rivers and Lakes Under a Changing Climate | Lauren Somers, McGill University; Claire Beveridge, University of Washington; Fateme Ghader, Technische Universität Berlin; Katherine Markovich, University of Arizona
  • April 18, 2019: Water Resources and Management | Azad Heydari, Michigan Technological University; Harsh Beria, Université de Lausanne; Elmira Hassanzade, Polytechnique Montréal; Erfan Goharian, University of South Carolina
  • April 25, 2019: Water Pollution and Quality | Chelsea Peters, Vanderbilt University; Charlie Rolsky, Arizona State University; Kimberly Van Meter, University of Illinois-Chicago; Hossein Tavakoli, Michigan Technological University

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