Project Manager, Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO)


Develops information for a broad audience of stakeholders, concerning the current status and future availability of water resources, in order to identify water supply problems and development opportunities.  Manages river basin planning projects, watershed studies and other Level I and II planning projects which includes project evaluation, writing scopes of work, consultant selection, ensuring compliance with contract requirements including budgets and completion dates, and planning and conducting meetings. Represents the Program at regional, state, and local meetings.

Human Resource Contact:  Andrea Odell 307-777-7602

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed in the job level.

  • Assists in the creation of basin wide and statewide perspectives of the status of Wyoming's water resources.
  • Serves as a project manager to river basin planning studies as well as new development and rehabilitation water planning studies (agricultural and municipal) across Wyoming to include planning, design, and/or implementation of specific projects, consultant selection, budget oversight, contract administration and directing consultants.
  • Reviews and evaluates GIS data, metadata and mapping products produced by WWDO planning consultants for consistency and adherence to Water Development Program standards.
  • Analyzes datasets (ArcGIS, Excel) and models to prepare water availability data for various publications and websites.
  • Assists in creating, implementing and managing both static and interactive data visualizations for stakeholders, including technical experts and the public, to clearly and effectively communicate water status and availability.
  • Assists with the coordination and planning of Wyoming Water Update meetings throughout the State; participate in River Basin Planning outreach efforts.
  • Working with the Water Resources Data System (WRDS) at the University of Wyoming, develop methods to maintain base data to support Level I and II projects. 
  • Serves as GIS "expert" in providing technical assistance to the WWDO Director as well as the Office project managers in the conduct of their studies.
  • Provides recommendations to the Office with respect to GIS software acquisition and integration with existing software and platforms.
  • Provides technical guidance to the WWDO with respect to future mapping and data development efforts.
  • Manages watershed studies and interfaces with the Small Water Project Program.
  • Produces technical documents and memos.
  • Reviews and evaluates moderately complex modeling.
  • Makes presentations at public meetings and responds to stakeholder inquiries.
  • Identifies compliance issues with state and federal entities; coordinates with the same.
  • Answers technical questions related to policies, procedures, and statutes.
  • Determines the accuracy of data collection & computation methods; reviews draft planning documents and technical memoranda.
  • Applies and interprets rules, regulations, guidelines or standards.
  • Interfaces regularly with communities and districts at mid to senior management level.
  • Monitors work with contractors including negotiating solutions and resolving conflicts.
  • Prepares funding recommendations, scopes of service, requests for proposals, and contracts.
  • Conducts project site visits and public hearings.
  • Manages public meetings and prepares talks for various agricultural, conservation, and industry groups around the state and the region.
  • Attend various conferences/workshops/meetings (in-state and out-of-state) that are germane to the mission of the River Basin Planning section and the Water Development Office. 

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