Postdoc in hydrology, science education, or related field, Brigham Young University

We are seeking diverse and creative candidates from any water-related or water-interested background for a postdoc position starting in summer or fall of 2021. Salary and benefits included.

Project: Improving water security through sustainable management depends on an accurate understanding of human-water interactions. However, pervasive misconceptions of the water cycle persist among policymakers and the public. In a world where water mismanagement kills millions and causes trillions in economic damageseach year, correcting water misconceptions has graduated from an academic exercise to a planetary priority.

The postdoc will be fully integrated into a dynamic interdisciplinary team of 9 faculty and 25 students to coordinate research and outreach surrounding three interrelated activities:

1.Creation of images, animations, performances, and interactive software that integrate current hydrological understanding from local to global scales,

2.Quantifying the effect of teaching materials on elementary teacher instruction and undergraduateknowledge,

3.Flooding the world with the pedagogical products from activities 1 and 2 using traditional and novel dissemination channels.

Full description and instructions to apply available here.