Pennsylvania Field Workshop - Temple University

The National Science Foundation funded Carbonate Critical Zone Research Coordination Network is accepting applications to participate in the Pennsylvania Field Workshop which will be held August 2-5, 2020 at Temple University in Philadelphia with a field trip to Central PA and the Shale Hills CZ observatory*. The workshop aims to examine how increasing carbonate mineral content impacts CZ processes, up to and including pure carbonate CZs; identify information gaps and available data and tools and build consensus on future research needs. If you are interested in attending, please complete this application form by May 1, 2020. (applying to the workshop does not obligate you financially, nor does it require you to attend, applications are a tool to evaluate who wants to participate and the issues related to the Carbonate Critical Zones that participants wish to discuss). 

For more information about the workshop, contact Dr. Laura Toran ( or visit, here

* In light of disruptions from COVID-19, we are considering how to navigate the network activities in the short term, in particular this workshop. We are hopeful it will proceed as planned but are simultaneously exploring alternate and innovative ways to achieve this workshop's goals in case an in-person meeting needs to be canceled.