Masters Research Assistantship, Mississippi State University

Project overview and responsibilities: There are over 1300 oxbow lakes throughout the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (LMAV )that provide habitat for native fishes and services for recreationists and commercial fishers. Fish assemblages within oxbow lakes are maintained by hydrologic connectivity to adjacent rivers, but these connections also provide invasion pathways for non-native species including invasive carps. This project will use hydrologic and geospatial analyses to quantify surface-water connectivity of LMAV oxbow lakes to adjacent waterbodies and explore opportunities to use existing water infrastructure to limit invasion risk.

The student will work closely and collaboratively with Drs. Steve Miranda (MSCooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit), Mike Colvin (Dept. Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture), and Corey Dunn (MS CFWRU) to develop a framework for evaluating tradeoffs between limiting invasion risks andmaintaining hydrologic connectivity of oxbow lakes.

Full job description and instructions to apply available here.