Grant project summary

Decision-Driven Advances in Integrated Assessment Modeling of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus


Within the context of the broader project, the specific goal for this research is to advance social scientific understanding of the role of institutions and associated systems of knowledge production, exchange and use on the co-development and application of integrated assessment models for sub-regional food-energy-water decision making. The research team will use institutional and social network analysis to understand institutional connectivity among FEW managers. Also, the project will include a knowledge-to-action analysis to understand managers’ mental models of FEW systems as well as their evaluations of the modeling framework. This research is designed to promote effectiveness of science-policy interactions by enhancing scientific credibility, decision-relevance, and perceived legitimacy of the modeling activities as well as the applicability, comprehensiveness, timing, and accessibility of the research for decision making.

Desired qualifications

Experience with social network analysis and/or institutional analysis; Spanish language skills (speaking/reading/writing); experience working or knowledge of Argentina and/or Uruguay.


Dave White,