Graduate Programs at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Graduate Programs at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Freshwater Sciences and Technology

The School of Freshwater Sciences (SFS) is the only graduate school in the nation dedicated solely to the study of freshwater. Our interdisciplinary programs provide a strong foundation for studying the sustainable and equitable use and management of freshwater systems worldwide and prepare students for professional and academic careers. PhD and MS Thesis students work closely with faculty to create original research culminating in a thesis or dissertation. Students in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) track take science communication and public engagement; water law; environmental ethics; and business and leadership classes. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, students study the largest freshwater system on Earth, as well as urban rivers, storm- and wastewater infrastructure, groundwater and inland lakes, aquaculture and fisheries, environmental health of freshwater ecosystems, and interdisciplinary solutions to freshwater conflicts.  All areas are interrelated and include biologic, physical, technologic and policy aspects of freshwater. Associated faculty come from Urban Planning, Geosciences, Conservation and Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Economics.

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