Graduate Programs at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Environmental Science, Ph. D and Masters of Science The Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences Department (EEOS) integrates the natural and social sciences to generate and apply new knowledge about the quality of our environment and the sustainable use of its resources. It focuses on promoting integrated science, planning, policy, and education for understanding earth-system processes and managing complex interactions between human activities (e.g., urbanization) and natural processes (e.g., carbon cycling) in linked watershed and coastal marine systems. The department's strong transdisciplinary makeup (natural and social sciences within the same department) and its focus on linked watershed-coastal systems are unique in the country. For more information, contact Dr. Ellen Douglas ( or Dr. Robyn Hannigan ( 

Environmental Biology Ph.D. Program and Masters of Science in Biology The Environmental Biology Ph.D program and the Masters and Science in Biology is designed to accommodate students of various science backgrounds with rigorous training in Environmental Biology. The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology faculty in the Biology Department are interested in aquatic (marine and freshwater) ecology questions and issues ranging from ecology and evolution of aquatic organisms, biodiversity, nutrient cycling, and water quality in coastal watershed, estuarine, intertidal, and deep sea ecosystems. For more information, contact Dr. Alan Christian (