Graduate Programs at the University of Kansas

Graduate study in hydrogeology and related disciplines at the University of Kansas provides students with a strong foundation in the principles of hydrogeology and the opportunity to complete research in any of these areas: aquifer characterization, groundwater flow and transport modeling, aqueous and isotope geochemistry, contaminant hydrogeology and groundwater remediation, water resource sustainability, geomicrobiology, carbon sequestration, hydrogeophysics, geostatistics, groundwater-surface water interaction, aquifer storage and recovery, and permafrost and glacial hydrology. The KU hydrogeology group is composed of 14 faculty and adjunct faculty who supervise student research. We maintain laboratories with experimental apparatus and instrumentation for inorganic, organic, isotopic and microbial parameter measurements; a large array of field equipment; and a dedicated field vehicle. There are opportunities for research at local and international sites, and all students are supported by research assistantships, teaching assistantships or fellowships. The Department of Geology hosts a weekly colloquium with invited nationally to internationally known guest speakers, and graduate students have opportunities to interact with these scientists both as a group and individually. Graduates from the program are successful in finding employment in academia, the hydrogeology industry and government. []