Graduate Programs at Johns Hopkins University

At Johns Hopkins University (JHU), both the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (DoGEE) and the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) perform hydrological research and run strong PhD programs. DoGEE also offers a MSE degree in Water Resources Engineering. DoGEE focuses on contaminant fate and transport in subsurface environments, biogeochemistry, surface water quality, and hydrologic and landscape response to changing climate and land use, as well as on the interface of these disciplines with environmental engineering process design and infrastructure development. Special attention is given to the socio-economical implications of our research and to policies that will lead to sustainable solutions to environmental problems. EPS focuses on climatic and hydrologic variability, biogeochemistry, and long-term and large-scale earth processes. Both departments are active participants in the following JHU programs, institutes and centers, all of which conduct water research: the Environment, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute, the Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics, and the Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology.