Graduate Programs at Boise State University

Boise State University supports a number of graduate programs in water science and related fields. We have a thriving MS in Hydrologic Science program that is an interdisciplinary degree administered by the Geoscience Department but housed in the Graduate College.The Hydrologic Science MS program attracts students with backgrounds in the applied and natural sciences, mathematics, biology, and engineering []. The Department of Geoscience also offers MS and PhD degrees in both Geoscience and Geophysics, with expertise in catchment science, biogeochemistry, modeling and simulation, remote sensing, soil science and geomorphology, and geophysical methods for characterizing hydrologic systems []. Additionally, the Departments of Biological Science [] and Civil and Environmental Engineering [] offer MS degrees with expertise in areas closely related to water science. Interested prospective students are strongly encouraged to directly contact potential faculty advisors and coordinators of each respective degree. 

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