2021 CUAHSI Biennial Colloquium

Every two years, CUAHSI hosts a symposium to bring together the diverse fields of water science to discuss developments in the hydrology sector of the Earth Sciences.  Under leadership from the CUAHSI Board of Directors, researchers present their latest findings and developments, propose community workshops, and interact with colleagues from different disciplinary fields from all over the country.

CUAHSI’s Biennial Colloquium offers a unique opportunity and a casual environment for participants to discuss ideas and network with colleagues, as well as build new relationships. Students are especially encouraged to attend.

The 2021 Biennial Colloquium, titled Converging Ideas and Expanding Approaches in the Hydrologic Sciences,aimed to include a diversity of views, both cultural and scientific, and to holistically address the grand challenges posed by a rapidly developing world and changing hydroclimate. The Colloquium was held virtually during July 19 - 21, 2021.

You can visit this page for a full recap of the event and our YouTube channel for all of the recordings.

2019 Conference on Hydroinformatics

Hydroinformatics for scientific knowledge, informed policy, and effective response

The 2019 CUAHSI Conference on Hydroinformatics will gather researchers and practitioners to share their most recent approaches, products, and theory for, developing, applying, and maintaining hydroinformatics for valuable scientific and applied outcomes.

The CUAHSI Conference on Hydroinformatics is uniquely focused on data science and technology for water resources and hydrology.

2018 CUAHSI Biennial

Hydrologic Connections: Climate, Food, Energy, Environment, and Society

Food, Energy and Water are basic for human welfare and prosperity. A recognized grand challenge is meeting these societal needs in an environmentally sustainable way despite changes in population, climate and land use. Recent funding initiatives recognize that food, energy, and water form a coupled system requiring integrated multidisciplinary approaches. As water provides the connections among intertwined food, energy and environmental systems, Hydrologic Science can play a major role in addressing these grand challenges. The 2018 Biennial features keynote lectures and sessions that highlight ongoing research in hydrologic science and provide perspectives on future challenges. 

To view presentations from the 2018 conference, click here.

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2017 Conference on Hydroinformatics

Swimming in Data Without Drowning in the Deluge

The proliferation of data and cyberinfrastructure has created a new ecosystem for water related sciences in which to research, learn, and educate. This flood of information and systems, however, can be difficult to navigate and can add challenges to scientific and teaching workflows. To fully realize the advantages of information technology in water related research and education, we must develop, maintain, support, and employ data tools and resources that are useful, enable transformative science, and have low barriers to use. We invite researchers, educators, and practitioners in the water sciences, data and computational sciences, as well as information technology sciences interested in advancing hydroinformatics to participate in this interdisciplinary conference.

2016 CUAHSI Biennial

Finding Your Place in Big Data: Using Observations to Understand Hydrologic Processes for Predicting a Changing World

The spatial and temporal resolution of environmental observations is increasing rapidly with advances in remote sensing, wireless in-situ sensor development, and environmental observatories. Big data, which is increasingly available to the hydrology community, has the potential to transform our approaches to address environmental problems.  How can we use big data to improve understanding of  complex interactions and feedbacks from local to global scales that are critical to understand past and predict  future response of the hydrosphere to changes in climate and human activities? The theme of the 2016 CUAHSI Biennial meeting focuses on enabling the use of big data within the hydrologic sciences toward integrated understanding of complex processes, sustainability of water resources, and assessment of change across the global hydrosphere.

2015 Conference on Hydroinformatics

Model and Data Interoperability: From Theory to Practice

Significant advances have been made in various aspects of hydroinformatics including data access, interoperability standards, data publication, model-coupling frameworks and workflow support. We are on the cusp of transforming water research with these methods and tools, but what will be required to achieve that transformation? We encourage multidisciplinary participation from researchers in hydrology, data, computation and information technology sciences interested in advancing the science and application of hydroinformatics in research and practice. A particular emphasis of the conference will be on standardized interfaces and metadata that are a key part of achieving interoperability. This conference will serve as the capstone event for the first Summer Institute to be held at National Water Center on the National Flood Interoperability Experiment.

2014 CUAHSI Biennial

Water Across the Critical Zone: Scaling from Local to Global Hydrology

Critical zone science and long-term environmental observatories provide unprecedented opportunities to understand the interactions of rock, water, and life within watersheds and across networks of observatories to realize the potential of integrated earth science.  Hydrology is both a key driver and reflection of the earth’s critical zone processes and state. Therefore, the CUAHSI 2014 Biennial Colloquium theme focuses on the integration of hydrological, ecological and geological information necessary to advance Critical Zone Science both across formal observatories and the wide range of research areas worldwide. 

2013 Conference on Hydroinformatics

The conference on Hydrologic Information Systems and Modeling for researchers showcases advances in hydrologic information system and modeling technology and their use to advance hydrologic science. The conference includes technical sessions on hydrologic information systems and hydrologic modeling and hands-on training and workshop to introduce the community to the services provided by the new CUAHSI Water Data Center.

2008 CUAHSI Biennial

Resilience & Vulnerability of Natural and Managed Hydrology Systems