CUAHSI's mission is to advance water science by: 

  • Strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration in the water sciences; 
  • Providing critical infrastructure, and
  • promoting education in water science at all levels. 

CUAHSI fulfills its mission and supports over 130 member institutions and the broader water science community through: 

  • Promoting water science excellence and innovation, 
  • Developing and managing unique community resources and services, 
  • Creating and nurturing productive collaborations and partnerships, and
  • Expanding educational opportunities. 

Read our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan to learn more about our mission, core values, and goals for the next five years. 


  • History

    CUAHSI was incorporated in 2001 following recognition of the need for the water science community to organize and extend the national and international research portfolio, particularly to develop shared infrastructure for investigating the behavior and effect of water in large and complex environmental systems. Since then, CUAHSI has evolved to meet the changing needs of the water science community, to reflect the landscape of science needs and funding, and to respond to technological innovations. CUAHSI has been successful in developing water data services that are innovative and robust, and community services that are well-received and often over-subscribed. Looking forward, CUAHSI is committed to continuous improvement and expansion of both its water data services and its education/outreach services to meet new demands and opportunities, including community modeling, and to continue to build a multi-disciplinary community for hydrologic sciences. 

    Founding Members of the Consortium

    There were 33 founding members of the Consortium, which held its first official meeting of the membership on August 10, 2001

    Harvard University  University of Connecticut Columbia University
    Drexel University  University of Notre Dame  Colorado State University 
    UC Santa Barbara University of Texas  University of Wisconsin 
    University of Colorado  University of Iowa Pennsylvania State University 
    Utah State University  Boise State University  Stanford University 
    University of Nevada, Reno Tufts University  New Mexico Tech 
    SUNY - ESF UC Davis University of Washington 
    Johns Hopkins University  University of Rhode Island University of Florida 
    University of Arizona Ohio State University  University of South Carolina
    Duke University  Princeton University  Arkansas State University 
    Florida State University  UC Riverside Oregon State University