For all CUAHSI-sponsored travel, you will receive a travel authorization email in advance of the meeting. This email will include an Excel document, including instructions, that will need to be filled out and returned with receipt at the completion of your trip. Please remember when making your reservations that CUAHSI will only reimburse for authorized expenses. The following policies apply to all travelers receiving reimbursement from CUAHSI under all circumstances. All travel related questions should be directed to

The complete travel policy is listed below for your reference, but please pay special attention to the following items: 

  1. Airfares over $600.00 and hotels over 120% of the city per diem rate must be approved by CUAHSI’s Executive Director or Controller to receive full reimbursement. Per diem rates are determined according to Federal GSA guidelines.
  2. A per diem system is used to reimburse meals. Meals provided by CUAHSI should be indicated on the reimbursement form and the per diem will be decreased by an appropriate amount. 
  3. Receipts are required for expenses over $25.00. Any purchases made on a CUAHSI corporate card will require a receipt at any cost.
  4. A US Flag Carrier airline must be used for foreign travel in compliance with the Fly America Act.

Exceptions to this requirement can be requested for the following:

  • Open Skies Agreement with destination country
  • Travel time is extended by 24 hours or more
  • No direct service is available causing 2 or more transfers, extending travel time at least 6 hours and/or require a layover of four or more hours at an overseas connection.  


CUAHSI Travel Reimbursement Policy

All travel at CUAHSI’s expense must be authorized prior to the commencement of the trip by the Executive Director or designee. Registration fees should be documented when the trip authorization is requested to guarantee reimbursement of the registration fee. CUAHSI follows basic federal travel guidelines concerning reimbursement and expense documentation. Unless otherwise stated, these guidelines will be followed.

Documentation of Expenses. Receipts are required for all expenses over $25 except meals. In particular, claims for lodging expenses and airfares must be accompanied by receipts. Cab fares and other incidental transportation costs under $25 may be claimed without receipt. Any expenses incurred on a CUAHSI corporate card will require a receipt at any amount.

Use of Common Carriers. Coach travel in US flag common carriers will be reimbursed up to and including $600 without special approval. If airfares are greater than $600, specific authorization must be obtained from the CUAHSI Executive Director or Controller. The following guidelines for the purchase of airline tickets are provided:

  • It is generally expected that restricted airfares that are non-refundable and may incur charges for changing the tickets will be purchased. If CUAHSI scheduling requires a change in the trip, CUAHSI will reimburse any change fee incurred. If an emergency arises between the time of purchasing the ticket and the intended trip, CUAHSI will reimburse the cost of the change fee and any agency booking fee. It is assumed that the traveler can use the balance of the ticket price in a later trip. CUAHSI requires a signed letter stating the nature of the emergency that prevented the trip from being made and documentation of the claimed expenses.
  • Bulk tickets or consolidator tickets (purchased through agencies such as or have no stated value and permit no changes. CUAHSI will not refund such tickets if the trip is not made for any reason and discourages travelers from purchasing such tickets.
  • CUAHSI does not reimburse for upgraded seats or fees for expedited security line access.
  • US Flag Carrier must be used for foreign travel unless an exception is approved.

Use of Privately Owned Vehicles (POV). Use of POV’s will be reimbursed when it is cost advantageous to CUAHSI, up to the cost of economy airfare, at the prevailing rate set by GSA which can be found at Toll charges and necessary parking expenses will also be reimbursed. Documentation of airfare quote will be required when requested POV mileage for travel.

Rental Cars. Use of rental cars must be authorized in advance.

Meals and Incidental Expenses. CUAHSI will reimburse M&IE at the prevailing GSA rate for the locality of the meeting. These rates can be found at M&IE will be reimbursed at 75% of the prevailing rate for the days of departure and arrival at the home location regardless of the departure and arrival time. If meals are included as a part of a meeting, the per diem will be paid for other meals using the following proportions: breakfast, 15%; lunch, 30%; dinner, 55%.

Lodging. Lodging expenses up to 120% of the maximum lodging amount for the location as specified by GSA per diem rates will be allowed without special authorization. Any higher amount must be approved by the Executive Director or Controller.