CUAHSI’s logo can be used by recipients of CUAHSI support for the sole purpose of acknowledging that support or to link to a CUAHSI website or acknowledge CUAHSI assistance or affiliation.

The logo cannot be used in a manner that falsely implies employment by or affiliation with CUAHSI. CUAHSI's logo cannot be used to imply or endorse a product or service.

No explicit permission is necessary to use CUAHSI’s logo.

Questions regarding use of the CUAHSI logo should be sent to

Approved Variations

  • CUAHSI 4-Color Logo


    The 4-color logo is CUAHSI’s primary trademark. Strong effort should be made to use this version at all times. The variations below help solve certain issues when use of the 4-color version is not feasible. As such, they should not be used based on artistic preference.

  • CUAHSI 4-Color Logo with URL


    The 4-color logo with URL should be used if sufficient space is provided.

  • CUAHSI Wrap Text Logo


    The 4-color logo with text wrap logo is for limited use, generally only when size is a concern.

  • CUAHSI 4-Color Logo Without Text


    The 4-color logo without text is for limited use, generally only when printing the logo at a small scale where the text will be illegible.

  • CUAHSI Black and White Logo


    The grayscale vector logo is also a limited use logo. It should only be used when it is known that it will be printed using a black and white laser printer.