Crowdsourced Sampling of Rivers

Posted Apr 12, 2022

Interested in river corridors, watersheds, biogeochemistry, and/or open science? If so, consider joining a new crowdsourced sampling campaign across the U.S. The samples focus on river water and sediment. We cover the costs of materials, shipping, and data generation, and you provide the samples. All data will be public and their use is unlimited (e.g., proposals, manuscripts, classroom exercises). We encourage you to use this to generate new data about your site for free and help enhance an open community resource focused on river biogeochemistry, water quality, and microbes!

Background: Previously held, globally-open discussions were used to design this effort towards outcomes useful across a broad range of stakeholders. Recordings can be found on the WHONDRS YouTube channel (linked here), but you don’t need to watch them to get involved.

Upcoming Sampling: We’re using artificial intelligence (AI) modeling to guide us to high priority locations, which are mapped here: If you are interested in sampling, please take a look at the map and identify which pre-marked sites you would be able to sample. You can zoom into the map and click on the purple star or blue pointer symbols, which have a site ID at the top of the pop up window. We would like to emphasize/select the purple star sites to the degree it is feasible (the AI model tells us those are higher priority).

If you are interested in sampling and don’t find any sites that are workable for you, please let us know via email (email hidden; JavaScript is required) as there are alternative approaches for adding additional locations (e.g., your existing field sites).

Sampling is starting now and will go through the fall. If you’re interested, please indicate your preferred site(s) and time window(s) via this google form:

If you have questions or comments, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Please consider sending this message along to anyone that might be interested in helping with this effort. If you are interested in sampling but are located outside of the United States, please email us. We are planning global sampling soon.