There are four classes of membership: University Member, Non-profit Affiliate Member, International Affiliate Member, and Corporate Affiliate Member. We have provided descriptions of the different Membership types that CUAHSI supports, as well as letter templates that can be used if your organization is interested in becoming a CUAHSI member.

Completed and signed letters as well as any questions should be sent to CUAHSI's Administrative Assistant Maddie Scranton at

  • University Members

    Universities, including single or multiple campuses of multi-campus university systems, chartered in the United States with graduate degree programs in hydrologic sciences and a major commitment to research in that field may become Members of CUAHSI. Membership from educational institutions requires a letter from a dean or higher agreeing to pay the one-time $2,000.00 initiation fee and annual dues at the currently assessed rate of $200.00 (payable up to five years in advance), and to designate a university contact.

    NEW! Organizations that pay five years in advance will receive a 10% discount (5 years for $900).

    Updating Representation: If you are a current member adding representatives (up to a total of 3) or changing representatives, please use the following letter to submit your change request:

  • Non-Profit Affiliate Members

    Research institutions and other not-for-profit organizations in the United States that are engaged in hydrologic science and closely related fields, but do not grant advanced degrees may apply to become an Affiliate Member. This requires a confirmation letter agreeing to pay the one-time $500.00 Affiliate Member initiation fee and to designate a university/organization contact.

  • International Affiliate Members

    Universities, research institutions, and other not-for-profit organizations outside the United States that are engaged in hydrologic science and closely related fields may acquire an International Affiliate membership. International affiliate membership also requires a confirmation letter agreeing to pay the one-time $500.00 international affiliate members initiation fee and to designate a university/organization contact.

    For low income countries, the CUAHSI Board of Directors acknowledges the importance of supporting knowledge of water science in the developing world, and the growing activities of our community in the developing world. The initiation fee for membership into CUAHSI of universities within Tier 1 and 2 countries as determined by the World Bank income rankings will be waived, provided that the membership is requested by a CUAHSI representative at an existing CUAHSI full university member. The sponsor must provide the name of a representative who holds a permanent appointment at the university proposed for membership. All application materials are the same as those for all International Affiliates.

  • Corporate Affiliate Members

    Corporate entities with expertise and interests in science or technology issues that would support the CUAHSI mission of advancing hydrologic science and education are eligible for membership as Corporate Affiliates (CA). Corporate Affiliate members will be required to pay an initiation fee and an annual fee based on the size of the organization. The annual fee is determined by the Board of Directors on a three-year basis. Application must be made or authorized by an executive officer with the ability to legally commit the CA to the terms of membership in CUAHSI as set out by the CUAHSI Board.

    The initiation fee is $2,000.00 and the annual fee is as follows:

    • Fewer than 50 employees - $1,000.00 per year
    • 50-1,000 employees - $2,500.00 per year
    • More than 1,000 employees - $5,000.00 per year

    Letter Template for Corporate Affiliate Membership 

  • Additional Questions? Check out our Member Types Chart