Committee Charge

Providing data services has been identified as a key area in CUAHSI’s strategic plan. To support this service delivery, CUAHSI employs a Users Committee to provide feedback on the functionality of CUAHSI’s Water Data Services from our users’ perspective. This committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • Making suggestions for new data sources, functionalities, or other needs of the CUAHSI user community
  • Assisting CUAHSI in soliciting information from the user community by suggesting or reviewing relevant questions on CUAHSI surveys.
  • Reviewing software to identify improvements and bugs
Committee Members
  • Bakinam Essawy / University of Virginia

  • Christina Bandaragoda / University of Washington

  • Christopher Chini / University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

  • Javad Shafiei / Syracuse University 

  • John Lagrosa / University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Mary Elizabeth (Lizzy) Warner / Northeastern University 

  • Salli Dymond / University of Minnesota Duluth

  • Tao Wen / Pennsylvania State University

  • Tim Whiteaker / University of Texas at Austin

  • Tyler King / Utah State University 

About the Committee

The HIS Users Committee was formed in July 2011 after an extensive community discussion at the conclusion of the CUAHSI Conference on Hydrologic Data and Information Systems. The HIS Users Committee provides review and feedback on the various aspects of CUAHSI HIS, and often works directly with developer teams and projects. We invite anyone with an interest in using or contributing to CUAHSI - HIS to consider joining this committee and sharing your input. The committee meets as needed via conference calls and uses online collaboration tools.
The HIS Users Committee provides annual reports to the Informatics Standing Committee.