Committee Charge

The charge to each CUAHSI standing committee is to make a contribution each year to CUAHSI in the area of purview of the committee. Within that broad charge, the choice each year of the specific contribution to be made is largely up to the committee, subject to some general guidance from CUAHSI (e.g., below) and to specific requests from the board of directors or the executive director. The choice may also depend in part on what contributions were made by the same committee in the previous couple of years. Some examples of contributions (not an exhaustive list) that a standing committee could make in its area of purview are:

  • Review existing CUAHSI and CUAHSI-affiliated projects to determine they are fulfilling CUAHSI’s mission as outlined in CUAHSI’s strategic plan.
  • Generate and evaluate ideas for new CUAHSI activities.
  • Review, and suggest specific improvements in, current CUAHSI activities.
  • Help prioritize CUAHSI's activities for the near term and/or long term.

In support of any of its inquiries and activities on behalf of CUAHSI, a standing committee may and probably should request from the executive director qualitative and quantitative information concerning CUAHSI's recent, current, and planned activities in the area of purview of the committee. Each standing committee should also be aware of CUAHSI's strategic plan.

Current Members
  • Steven Loheide (Board Liaison) / University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Amir Aghakouchak (Board Liaison) / University of California Irvine

  • Emad Habib (Chair) / University of Louisiana at Lafayette

  • Benjamin Ruddell / Northern Arizona University

  • David Freyberg / Stanford University

  • Beverley Wemple / University of Vermont

  • Nicolas Zegre / West Virginia University

  • Jennifer Saleem Arrigo / U.S. Global Change Research Program

  • Cory Forbes / University of Nebraska - Lincoln

  • Venkatesh Merwade / Purdue University