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CUAHSI Data Center for Hydroinformatics: Draft Specifications 


Community Model Position Paper - Report generated from the ideas gathered from the three CHyMP workshops organized by CUAHSI between March 2008 and March 2011. Released November 2011
Establishing a Framework for Community Modeling in Hydrologic Science - Report from the 3rd Workshop on a Community Hydrologic Modeling Platform (CHyMP): A Strategic and Implementation Plan, Beckman Center of the National Academies, University of California at Irvine March 15-17, 2011


Towards a Framework for Community Modeling in Hydrologic Science - Report from the 2nd Workshop on a Community Hydrologic Modeling Platform (CHyMP): Blueprint for a Community Hydrologic Modeling Platform University of Memphis, Memphis, TN March 31-April 1, 2009


Rationale and Strategy for a Community Modeling Platform in the Hydrologic Sciences - Report of the CHyMP Scoping Workshop held March 26-27, 2008 Washington, DC


Hydrology of a Dynamic Earth: A Decadal Research Plan for Hydrologic Science


Enhanced Water Cycle Measurements for Watershed Hydrologic Sciences Research

A Vision for Geophysics Instrumentation in Watershed Hydrological Research

Advancing Biogeochemical Research in the Field Hydrological Sciences: The CUAHSI Hydrological Measurement Facility – Biogeochemical Component

A Common Vision for Earth Surface Science

High Performance Computing for Hydrologic Sciences – November 2006

Strategic Instrumentation to Advance Water Science: The context of the HMF Blue-ribbon committees on Opportunities for Advancement on Hydrologic Instrumentation


Designing Hydrologic Observatories as a Community Service
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 7 - Report of a Workshop held at Logan, UT August 24-25, 2004


Designing Hydrologic Observatories: A Paper Prototype of the Neuse Watershed
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 6 - Neuse Prototype Hydrologic Observatory Design Team


A National Center for Hydrologic Synthesis: Scientific Objectives, Structure, and Implementation
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 5 - A report of a CUAHSI workshop held in Santa Barbara, California, July 10-12, 2003


Hydrologic Observatory Network
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 4 - Hydrologic Information Systems Committee
Facilities for Transforming Hydrological Science
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 3 - Hydrologic Measurement Systems Standing Committee
CUAHSI Hydrologic Information Systems
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 2 - Hydrologic Information Systems Committeer
A Vision for Hydrologic Science Research
CUAHSI Technical Report Number 1 - Hydrologic Science Standing Committee