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Projects and Services

CUAHSI operates research support services and infrastructure to advance water science and serve the university water research community.

The CUAHSI Water Data Center

The WDC provides data services to the hydrologic science community and other critical-zone science communities that require access to various sources of water data to perform research on fundamental challenges in hydrology and Earth System science. We enable the water research community through supporting data access and publication, software development and curation, in addition to the development of standards.


Instrumentation Access and Training

CUAHSI instrumentation services improve access to, awareness of, and use of advanced instrumentation by the water science community. Services include supporting instrumentation sharing and access through a virtual hydrologic measurement facility, hosting hands on training and instrumentation development workshops, and partnering with USGS to offer instrumentation loan and lab sample services to our member universities.


Community Modeling

CUAHSI has spearheaded initiatives and is collaborating on research projects to support community hydrologic modeling, with the ultimate goal to establish a community modeling program that enables comprehensive simulation of water anywhere. Such an effort would include connections to and advances in global climate models, biogeochemistry, and efforts of other disciplines that require an understanding of water patterns and processes in the environment. .


Proposal Resources

CUAHSI services are freely available to all NSF funded researchers. Learn more about how to incorporate CUAHSI data, instrumentation or other services into your proposed research.


Developmental Services and Projects

In addition to its currently funded programs, CUAHSI continues to engage the community in exploring and prioritizing new services for the water science community. CUAHSI serves as a conduit between the water science community and NSF, to document and transmit community needs and consensus, and to provide methods to incubate the conceptualization and development of new initiatives and services. If you are interested in advancing new ideas for water science, consider serving on a Standing Committee.