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CUAHSI can help in several aspects of proposal preparation

Joining CUAHSI's email listserv is a great way to keep informed of new funding opportunities and other items of interest. To join, go to our Join CUAHSI's Email List page.

More specifically, CUAHSI supports individual and research teams in a number of ways:

  • CUAHSI Data Services are available for data search and access (HydroDesktop) to assist your research.
  • CUAHSI Data Services provide options for storing and publishing data (HydroServer) that might result from your project.
  • CUAHSI offers information on how to address NSF's new Data Management Plan requirement.
  • CUAHSI's Virtual HMF can provide access to instrumentation services for your research.
  • CUAHSI's Hands On Workshop program can be used a venue for sharing your instrumentation and/or to demonstrate demand for upcoming funding opportunities.
  • CUAHSI's Education and Outreach programs are options for dissemination of your research.

Additionally, the broader CUAHSI community is an important resource.

  • CUAHSI can be an organizing mechanism for multi-university groups for larger, cross–cutting program calls.
  • CUAHSI communications services can be an option for proposed research coordination and networks.
  • CUAHSI can informally assist you in reading and interpreting review of your proposals.

We invite you to contact us for more information on how CUAHSI services might be incorporated into your proposed research: Jennifer Arrigo (jarrigo@cuahsi.org).