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Instrumentation Services

Advances in sensors, technology and communication hold the potential to provide data at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution, contributing to our capacity to observe new partterns and processes. 

CUAHSI operates several programs to increases access to and promote use of advanced instrumentation to enhance water science research.


The next CUAHSI Instrumentation workshop will be a virtual workshop on Laser Spectroscopy for Field Hydrology and Biogeochemistry hosted in conjuntion with the USGS, seminars will occur weekly or bi-weekly from January 27, 2014 - February 28, 2014.
Additionally, CUAHSI hosts Hands-on Workshops which are two to five day training courses on current measurement technologies and techniques designed and led by leading science instructors.
 Atttendees at the 2011 Joint CUAHSI- USGS workshop on Optical Water Quality Sensor Networks


The Virtual Hydrologic Measurement Facility (vHMF)

A network of instrumentation providers who have partnered with CUAHSI to promote and provide access to their equipment to other investigators.
CUAHSI has partnered with the US Geological Survey (external site) to provide access to instrumentation loan, laboratory and other services for our members.

Joint CUAHSI – USGS workshops bring together leading scientists and engineers from the USGS and academia to explore cutting edge instrumentation and advance the development of new tools and techniques for a broader community.