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Three Short Films about Water

These movies were produced for CUAHSI. They are intended to be used by scientists to explain the concepts behind the environmental observatories that are under development at the National Science Foundation. Engaging stakeholders, particularly land owners from whom scientists need access, is critical to the development of these observatories. Basic concepts such as a hydrologic budget, stores and fluxes of water, and the flowpaths and residence time of water are important to convey so that these stakeholders can understand why we need to collect the data that we do.

Click on the following link to learn more about the Let's Talk About Water formula — Using film to spark debate, Let's Talk About Water is an event team available for university campuses and other community settings, to create a neutral space for spirited discussion of problems and solutions about water.


Where does water go when it rains?

How much water do we use? 

Follow the Water

(5 min. 19 sec.) (4 min. 11 sec.) (3 min. 23 sec.)